5 Tips to Creating Click Worthy Content

Social media contains millions of potential customers, clients, and followers but how do you get them to click on your posts? Creating click worthy content is essential to your business because it’s what turns a potential follower into a current follower and then into a client. Marketing your brand through social media gives you the potential to build mass amounts of brand awareness - even in a short amount of time!

Creating click worthy content is essential to anyone’s social media strategy, growth, and success.

  1. The first tip to creating content is to provide value! By creating content that provides value, you will:

  • keep your existing followers happy so they want to continue following you!
  • encourage followers to engage with your content.

  1. Make your content likeable and shareable. Make people want to tag someone, comment below or share your post!

  1. Use exciting and relevant images and graphics. Many people are visual so appealing to this audience is important as well. Your image and/or graphic is the first thing people will see so making a good first impression is important.
  2. Ask about people’s opinion or story. People love talking about themselves and love content that they can relate to. Creating this personal touch can be important in creating click worthy content.

  1. Start with the right headline (something fun, engaging, and informative). This is to get your audience hooked in so they want to read more! Be clear and concise in your header.

By using these five content creation tips, you’ll be creating click worthy content in no time!

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